Friday, March 10, 2006

ode to the one-&-only tyrant

the weekend's just round the corner!
that also means that there's two more days before the tyrant leaves for hongkong
oi tyrant!
even though you've left a scar on my foot,
made my level of hearing plummet, &
ruffled my feathers a couple of times,
sa here's going to miss you shitloads 'cos for the last few years you've been one of my best friends.
i know i can call you anytime (other than when you put your phone on silent) when something's wrong,
count on you when i'm going through rough patches (you know what i'm talking about),
gossip endlessly,
bitch endlessly,
take silly pictures,
do girlie things,
shop till we drop (on those few occasions), &
sit around doing nothing until it's time to go home.
better make sure you take good care of yourself when you're there..
i'm going to go over and visit you real soon 'cos yes,
as much as i always say i won't, or roll my eyes when you mention it,
i'm still gonna miss you shitloads.


Blogger ron said...

i m so gona miss u too babe.

thank you for always being there for me when i need u too. U can always call my sg number when u need to bitch too ya..

i'll settle the idd charges.. for obvious reasons.. :s

2:13 PM  

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